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Helmut Effenberger, MSc., PhD -
state authorised and certified Chartered Engineering Consultant for Technical Chemistry

The founder, General Manager and Testing Laboratory Manager of BIUTEC, Mr. Helmut Effenberger, has completed his MSc degree in 1981, and his PhD degree in Technical Chemistry in 1986. Since 1990 he is also state authorised and certified chartered engineer for technical chemistry. In this capacity, Dr. Helmut Effenberger is active in the areas of specialised planning, overall planning, verification and supervision, as well as consultant and assessor and neutral trustee for the clients. The documents issued by him as a chartered engineer are valid as "official documents", which means that the administrative authorities are accepting them as if they have been issued by themselves. As a chartered engineer he is also entitled to an executive function (construction, installation and production). The Chartered Engineering Consultant Office in located in Vienna.

Since 1990 Dr. Helmut Effenberger is also active as assessor for the supervision of boiler plants (formerly according to 7 of the Austrian Law for Clean Air Maintenance, and since 2005 according to 14 of the Austrian Law for protection against emissions from boiler plants).

In 1992 Dr. Helmut Effenberger was authorised for analysis and appraisal according to 50 Art. 2 of the Austrian Law for foodstuffs in the subarea D10 (drinking water and mineral water).

In 1993 he was appointed by the Regional Government of Vienna as a member of the board of licensing examiners for technical chemistry and biology.

Furthermore, since 1995 Dr. Helmut Effenberger is authorised and certified court expert advisor for chemistry and environment, and also since 1997 leading environmental assessor according to the EMAS-(ECO-Management and Audit Scheme) regulation.