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BIUTEC operates as a state accredited testing laboratory and inspection body (according to EN ISO 17025 as well as EN ISO 17020 Type A) in different specialisms (see range of accreditation). With this accreditation the test and inspection results issued by BIUTEC are valid and recognised all over Europe.

The exigencies for an accredited company are an essential part of our Quality Assurance System (QA-System), in which the company organisation structure, the responsibilities, workflow, procedures and means for quality management are established.

The Quality Assurance System, which was already established in 1992, covers the entire area of the testing laboratory. As a means of maintaining the QA System, the Quality Management Manual lists, describes and regulates the internal procedures of the BIUTEC Company. This document is compulsory for all the employees. The consistent implementation of the QA-measures and the achievement of the predetermined quality goals are essential for the company's activity.

The high amount of public contracts and the social responsibility that they involve require the continuous further development of the Quality Assurance System, which is verified every year by external auditors (accreditation bodies, local authorities), respectively by yearly internal audits. Moreover, the employees are constantly taking internal and external quality assurance measures.

The quality of the analyses to be carried out is permanently verified by means of control standards, certified reference materials, blank value checking and regular calibrations. By participating at national and international interlaboratory tests, as well as by analysing control samples, every single testing procedure is permanently subject to external checking.

The quality of the services that we provide depends to a significant extent on the qualifications of our employees. The qualifications are being kept on a high level and extended through education and training processes. The regular advanced training of the employees by participation at training sessions, internal and external courses, as well as scientific exchange of experiences keep up-to-date the scientific and technical skills level in the testing laboratory.

In the consulting area, we have a well-experienced international team of experts with many specialisms, among which: technical chemistry, process engineering and machine construction, biochemistry and biochemical technology, food technology and food biotechnology, geology, mining and oil sciences, landscape ecology and landscape planning, water protection, forestry and waste management.

When establishing a project team, a lot of attention is being paid to avoiding language barriers between experts and the international clients and partners. In the project teams there are experts who, besides German and English, can also speak Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, French or Spanish.

For all of these reasons, in BIUTEC quality and environmental protection are not a mere chance, but the result of many years of activity related to quality and the environment.