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Our main focus in the area of Research & Development has been for many years the environmental analysis. Due to the research results from the other fields (e.g. human- and eco-toxicology), on one side there are always new environmentally relevant substances that focus the public interest, and on the other side the standards for the testing methods are getting higher (the accuracy of the analyses is improved).
Therefore, it is necessary to develop new, respectively to continuously further develop the existing relevant routine analysis methods. This has an impact on the competitiveness of the individual company and on the whole area where the business is located.

Since 2000, we are deeply involved in the research and development of innovative methods for the preparation of samples and analysis in the environmental area (multi-methods in environmental analysis):

•  development of analytical procedures for pesticides using multi-    methods
•  development of a method for MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether)     determination in aqueous solutions
•  development of on-line sampling systems for pesticides in water

A further topic in the area of Research & Development has been for many years also the environmental biotechnology.

Based on the research results for biodegradability, corresponding analysis procedures can be offered for biodegradability tests in wastewater or fluid matrices (fermentation test, OECD-Screening Test, CO2-Test, etc.). Our laboratory staff has also experience in carrying out toxicity tests like dehydrogenase test, bioluminescent test, daphnia test, algae toxicity test, plants compatibility test (germination, biomass).

Further, we can carry out pilot researches on environmental biotechnology processes in order to design the installations and the technological process.