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Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering R & D Ltd
State Accredited Testing Laboratory and Inspection Body

BIUTEC - Biotechnologie und Umwelttechnologie Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. - was established in 1987 and is providing environmental analysis, environmental engineering and environmental consulting services on a national and international level.

In addition to this, BIUTEC has important contributions to research and development in the environmental engineering and environmental biotechnology areas.

In his position as General Manager and accredited laboratory Director of BIUTEC, Mr. Effenberger, MSc. PhD, is leading a well-experienced international team of experts with many specialisms, among which are technical chemistry, process engineering and machine construction, geology, mining and oil sciences, biochemistry and biochemical technology, food technology and food biotechnology, landscape ecology and landscape planning, water protection, forestry and waste management.

When establishing a project team, a lot of attention is being paid to avoiding language barriers between experts and the international clients and partners. All the members of the experts team are particularly qualified for that project and, besides German and English, can also speak Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, French or Spanish.

The chemical laboratory of BIUTEC is accredited according to the EN ISO 17025 and EN ISO 17020 standard by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour (see range of accreditation), and the test and inspection results issued by BIUTEC are recognised all over Europe.

Ever since its establishment, the policy of our company has been focused on best quality and highest benefits for our clients. Our main goal is to contribute through all the activities of our company to the protection of the environment. The responsibilities we are taking range between the prevention of damages to the environment and the promotion of the sustainable use of the planet's resources.

Our activity is based on the highest possible competence of our employees, impartiality, confidentiality and independency being our essential professional principles.

Last but not least, BIUTEC is also awarded significant public contracts and is therefore able to acquire and develop the corresponding know-how. At the moment, BIUTEC is one of the largest private companies in Austria providing services in the environmental area, especially environmental analysis.

Water and wastewater, soil and waste, air and air pollutants, foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, narcotics and toxins are all included in the expertise area of our highly qualified environmental experts, who are doing their best to provide the most adequate solutions to the environmental problems that our clients are confronted with.